W ramach patronatu medialnego nad międzynarodową konferencją naukową poświęconą cyberbezpieczeństwu przekazaliśmy organizatorom książki o tej problematyce.

Załączamy też informację o konferencji:

Cybersecurity and its protection are crucial not only for political or legal reasons, but also for economic and social reasons. The multidimensionality of cyber security requires the use of various tools to ensure the safe use of ICT systems, including: educational, technical, financial, legal and political, as well as the involvement of qualified personnel to deal with cyber security and ensure an adequate level of digital competence in society.

Therefore, multifaceted analyses of cyber security will help to understand its determinants and essence. The main premise of the conference is to discuss social, political, technical and legal issues relating to cyber security in the broadest sense.

The organized scientific conference is a continuation of the research activities carried out by the University’s research and teaching staff in cooperation with scientists from Polish and foreign research centers within the framework of the project “The multi-dimensionality of cybersecurity and its relevance to the functioning of international institutions, national actors and society”, the purpose of which was to analyze cyber security in terms of its transnational nature, taking into account cyber threats occurring in public, private and social spaces.

The event will be honored by the Vice President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Digitization Krzysztof Gawkowski, Ph.D.

Vide: https://www.uth.edu.pl/aktualnosci/invitation-to-the-scientific-conference-the-multidimensionality-of-cybersecurity-2024