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In the opinion of the authors of this collective work, the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC and its replacement by a regulation of the GDPR should be analysed not only in the formal dimension indicating a change in the nature of the legal act regulating the principles of personal data protection and their cross-border flow between the EU Member States, but also in the substantive dimension, i.e. through the form that has been given by the European legislator to new legal institutions. The authors of this paper also consider it advisable to define the changes introduced as a result of the entry into force of the GDPR from the systemic perspective, which requires taking into account the rank and nature of legal acts and analysis of legal norms, sometimes dispersed in the provisions of law and contained in many documents. Moreover, it is necessary to notice the functional and purposeful aspects accompanying both the work on the final form of the provisions contained in the GDPR as well as in the 178 recitals forming the preamble to the basic text of the GDPR.

dr hab. Grzegorz Tylec, prof. KUL